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Flexible solutions for all QAM, COFDM, and PAL head end modules

With the TSH-1 G supplements the TeleDis company its housing variants relating to the compact channel prosessing systems.
Each module of the 3000 series can be integrated in the housing to which belongs also an external power supply unit. It is no matter whether versions single, twin and Quattro.
TeleDis can offer immediately 45 different types ao standalone - head end systems from its range. The customer receives this fully assembled and also set on request.
These versions are "Plug and Play" solutions. All parameters of the modules will be programmed with the standard remote control from TeleDis.
The systems are suitable as addition to existings systems of all brands and are also ideally suited for service purposes.
An example is the use of an Quattro QAM module (QPSK/8 PSK - QAM) in the individual case.
A large number of TV channels from satellite in HD quality is converted in QAM. In addition, also AV modules (AV-COFDM, AV-QAM) and modules with CI will be a good market in the future.


Project Guide

You´ll find many samples of customs projects.

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Multiswitch 5 IN / 9 IN / 13 IN / 17 IN

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